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Cannabis is a drug derived from the family of plants that includes hemp. Cannabis can be smoked or eaten. Use of cannabis produces a mild sense of euphoria. The plant appears to have some potential for medical use, particularly as a palliative for glaucoma and disease-related loss of appetite and wasting, as is often seen in cancer, AIDS, and other illnesses.



The Relaxer

Reduce stress
Reduce pain
Limit anxiety

Northern Lights: this pure indica is known to have come from the “mother plant.”
Bubba Kush: with a coffee and chocolate taste, this strain has a heavy tranqualizing effect.
Skywalker OG: this strain is known for its healing properties for those with PTSD.
Heroijuana: to battle insomnia, this strain induces a heavy, relaxing sleep.


The Energizer

Uncontrollable laughter
In-depth conversation
Creative thinking

Jack Herer: gives the user both cerebral elevation and heavy resin production.
Amnesia Haze: Beloved by morning users, it offers an uplifting boost.
Cherry AK: with a sweet, fruity smell and taste, this strain can help elevate a bad mood.
Sour Diesel: despite a diesel smell, this strain offers the highest happiness quotient.


The Fusion

Relaxing body effect
 Mind and body balance
Full body pain relief

Blue Dream: offers a total body relaxation while energizing the mind.
Girl Scout Cookie: this strain is a more extreme version of Blue Dream, so go easy!
Pineapple Express: this sweet, tropical strain leaves one feeling happy and euphoric.
Headband: great for pain relief and a feeling of elation.


In 2020 as many as 10 states cold have some form of cannabis legalization on the ballot

Fully legal
Legal for medical use
Being voted on in 2020

There are many ways to consume cannabis but the total amount of cannabis absorbed into the body will vary based on the method of consumption

Types of consumption